Top 10 Most Incredible Recipes of S7

Published: 14 April 2016

Guillaume’s Spiky Elimination

Between the judges, guest chefs and contestants themselves, there were some incredible dishes plated up in 2015. Here are our top 10 - have your say below!

10. Cured Ocean Trout with Flavours of Cucumber and Apple

Not only does Georgia Barnes' dish look incredible, we bet it tasted just as good!

View her recipe from episode 61.


9. Textures of Squid with Beetroot and Chilli

Sara Oteri took seafood to new levels with her architectural construction that looked almost too good to eat!

Have a look at her recipe from episode 56.

MasterChef Sara Oteri

8. Jaffa Jaffle

Ashleigh Bareham's genius take on a tuckshop staple, the humble jaffle, caused quite the stir - for all the right reasons.

View her recipe from episode 8.

Jaffa Jaffle

7. Lemon Verbena Mousse with Saffron Flakes

Billie McKay's talent shone in this stunning combination of unexpected textures.

View her recipe from episode 58.

MasterChef Australia

6. Marco's Mac 'n' Cheese

The man, the legend Marco Pierre White blessed the contestants (and Australia) with his outstanding rendition of everyone's childhood favourite meal.

Watch his MasterClass below and view the full recipe from episode 15.

5. Cassis Plum

Janice Wong's stunning creation required extreme precision and some heavy-duty equipment including a spray gun, syringe and blow torch.

View her recipe from episode 42.

MasterChef pressure test janice wong

4. Jewel of the Sea

Gallic chef Guillaume Brahimi's exquisitely unusual dish challenged even the most confident of contestants.

View the 21-step recipe from episode 37.

Guillaume’s Spiky Elimination

3. Passion Flower

Guest chef Darren Purchese delivered not just a dish but a dramatic piece of performance art with petals that unfurled to reveal a centrepiece that sweet dreams are made of.

View his recipe from episode 47.

The Passion Flower Pressure Test

2. The Forbidden Fruit

Dubbed the 'Dessert King' - and for good reason - Reynold Poernomo floored all three judges in the second week of competition.

Be inspired by his recipe from episode 6.

Forbidden Fruit

1. Botrytis Cinerea

Inspired by a fungus that infects wine grapes, this breathtakingly theatrical dessert could have only been devised by one man: Heston Blumenthal. 

Check out the 65+ step recipe that saw Billie McKay best Georgia Barnes in the heart-stopping Grand Finale.

MasterChef Heston

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