Where Are They Now: Andy Allen

Published: 06 April 2017

MasterChef Australia Andy's Success Story
MasterChef Australia Andy's Success Story
You're watching MasterChef Australia Andy's Success Story "I was drawn to it straight away"

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MasterChef season four winner Andy Allen shares how the show kicked-started his culinary career.

Since taking out the top spot in season four of MasterChef in 2012, Andy Allen has been busy behind the open flame grill at his restaurant, Three Blue Ducks.

The flavour offering at Three Blue Ducks is tied to the rustic, open flame style of cooking Andy loves so much. His clientele seem to share his feelings, flocking to the restaurant from far and wide just for the smoked Baba ganoush.

"It's just so tasty, you can't really replicate that with a gas stove."

His dreams of running a restaurant were coming true, but Andy was still hungry for more. Keen to get back in front of the camera, he started a YouTube channel that eventually transformed into a fully-fledged production company.

Along with his friend and fellow MasterChef alum Ben Milbourne (of Ben's Menu and Food Lab by Ben Milbourne), Andy took off on a global eating odyssey. Their travels were documented in the five-part TV series, Andy and Ben Eat the World, which aired on TEN in 2015.

"There's no way I'd be in this industry if it wasn't for MasterChef," says the former electrician.

"I absolutely loved it... it's probably why I'm here today, why I'm running a restaurant."

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