Where Are They Now: Callum Hann

Published: 06 April 2017

MasterChef Australia Callum's Success Story
MasterChef Australia Callum's Success Story
You're watching MasterChef Australia Callum's Success Story "I'm excited to get to work, I absolutely love my job"

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Season two runner-up and MasterChef All Stars champ Callum Hann shares his post-MasterChef successes.

Season two's Callum Hann has spent his post-MasterChef time growing his love of fresh, healthy food into a thriving business that's all about inspiring others.

Sprout Cooking School and Health Studio, which opened in 2011, offers cooking classes, event catering and school education sessions. The purpose-built kitchen is the largest in South Australia, ensuring that each class is very much 'hands on.'

In 2014 Sprout Health Studio followed, and aims to complement the cooking school’s approach to education and health.

Of Sprout's varied offering, Callum says, "Every day is completely different... it's just great to get to so many people and inspire them."

His days may be busy, but Callum, who went on to win MasterChef All Stars in 2012, wouldn't have it any other way; "I absolutely love my job" he says.

Callum credits his initial MasterChef experience in 2010 with giving him the taste of the food industry that got him hooked. 

"MasterChef gave me the opportunity to see if cooking as a career was actually for me," he explains. "Once I'd had that look I never wanted to go back."

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