Offspring Interiors: Geraldine's House

Published: 13 July 2017

Offspring Behind The Scenes: Geraldine's House
Offspring Behind The Scenes: Geraldine's House
You're watching Offspring Behind The Scenes: Geraldine's House Richard Davies and the owners of Geraldine's house offer insights into the Proudman matriarch and her home

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Offspring is shot on location in real, lived-in homes that the art department tailor’s to each character’s personality and style. Production designer Carrie Kennedy dishes on Offspring’s abodes

Offspring, season 7, channel ten

Geraldine’s house is the heart of the show; it’s the family home, where the Proudmans' grew up. The Offspring team has used this location for seven seasons; the richly layered and textured home is the perfect backdrop for the Proudman family.

Offspring, season 7, channel ten

Owned by artist Peter Neilson, his wife Rose, and their 18-year-old cat Chloe, the house is made from a rich tapestry of their own history, filled with beautiful artworks, books and doodles, years of collected clutter and ephemera.

Offspring, season 7, channel ten

Over this history, we add a layer of the Proudman history: family photos, kids timetables, drawings, and Geraldine’s architectural models.

Offspring, season 7, channel ten

Jimmy, Zara, Alfie and Paddy also live with Geraldine so we create the natural mess of a family with toys and high chairs. We always like to add a few more pieces of art to the walls, but we’re very lucky at Geraldine’s as we have existing beautiful artwork in situ, including the distinctive paintings by Peter himself.

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