David McLeod

Published: 13 October 2014

Party Tricks Worried Mothers
Party Tricks Worried Mothers
You're watching Party Tricks Worried Mothers Are you worried about Kate Ballard? Can you afford to keep living like this? David McLeod understands what families need

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I'm David McLeod, and I’m running for Premier.

I didn’t always aspire to a career in politics. For years I’ve worked in the media and in the business sector. But I know what it is to struggle and I know what it means to to turn your life around.

A lot of people are doing it tough right now, and that's because the Ballard Government is failing. Failing hard-working people like you and me. Families.

If I'm elected Premier, I'll end the wasteful spending. I'll grow the economy, I'll build better roads and I'll make our community safer.

I'm here because I love this state. I’m here as a passionate member of the community. I'm here as a businessman, I’m here as a devoted dad...

...but most of all, I'm here for you.

David McLeod

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