Puberty Blues Ed TV 3.0
Puberty Blues Ed TV 3.0
You're watching Puberty Blues Ed TV 3.0 Ed concludes his highly entertaining interview series

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Ed TV 3.0

Wed 07 May 2014

Ed concludes his highly entertaining interview series

About The Show

Network Ten’s AACTA and Logie Award-winning drama, Puberty Blues, makes its highly-anticipated return to television screens. A brilliant senior cast and three fantastic young leads in Ashleigh Cummings, Brenna Harding and Sean Keenan take us through another summer in the 1970s.

AACTA Best Drama Series Puberty Blues promises to deliver more of what has made the show a firm favourite with viewers. Shot in and around Sydney’s Sutherland Shire, the nine part series showcases exceptional acting, writing and film craft, chronicling a special time in Australia’s history, right down to the Chiko rolls, choc tops and Cheezels.

Summer 1979. Joined-at-the-hip teenagers Debbie and Sue are back. They’re having the time of their lives, hanging out on Cronulla Beach with the Greenhills gang, the bronzed surfers and their chicks who rule the waves. But this time around Debbie and Sue are slightly older and slightly wiser. Sue has defied the gang’s strict rules by taking up surfing and remains in the gang despite not having the requisite boyfriend. Gary, Debbie’s boyfriend, has been garnering attention on the fledgling pro-surfing circuit and more kudos within the gang.

Their sun-soaked idyll is about to come crashing down when Debbie is sent away to boarding school. But nothing can keep Debbie and Sue apart for long and they become wildly inventive at staying touch.

It’s all change for the parents as well. The proper façade of the Vickers’ family life begins to crumble under the pressure of Debbie’s incomprehensible behaviour and the challenges of married life. The Knights have to deal with the pressures of Pam’s debt and Roger’s unemployment, coupled with his difficulty in confronting his daughter’s awaking sexuality. Gary’s mum Yvonne has also been awoken by an affair with the counsellor Graham, but we haven’t seen the last of her husband Ferris.

While Debbie and Sue fight to keep their friendship alive, they remain blissfully unaware of their parents’ tangled emotional lives. Puberty Blues season two is Australian drama at its best.

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