The Shark Tank Season 3 Awards

Published: 07 September 2017

Shark Tank 2017 season 3 channel ten 10

We recap the weirdest, most surprising and record-breaking pitches of the season, ahead of the finale

The Record-Breaking Deal

Episode three was one for the record books, with coffee capsule wiz Kane Bodiami accepting the biggest deal in local Shark Tank history. Kane captivated the Sharks with his biodegradable coffee capsule business, iCapsulate, causing a caffeine-fueled bidding frenzy between Andrew, Naomi and Glen. Undeterred by Steve's pointed inquiries into production costs, Andrew made Kane an offer he couldn't refuse: a cool $2.5 million for 22.5% of his business.

Shark Tank channel ten 10 2017

The Weirdest Pitch

When eccentric rock drummer Capital M sauntered into the Tank to present his retractable headphones business, Hoo Haa Headphones, the Sharks weren't too sure what to expect. What they got was a wacky pitch-cum-performance that had them cheering and clapping. The colourful character's unique method of drumming up business struck a chord with Andrew and Naomi, who were happy to split the $30 investment.


An honourable mention must go to The Pole Room, not so much for the product or pitch, but for convincing the Sharks to take a turn on the pole themselves. Great moves, guys.


The Most Unusual Product

There's no doubt that brother-in-law duo Rod and Harry had found a niche with their squid cleaning business, Squidezy. Sadly, their impressive online sales were not enough to get a nibble from any of the five Sharks, and the pair left the Tank without a deal. Perhaps, unlike their ocean-dwelling kin, these domesticated Sharks had lost their taste for squid?


The Biggest Shark Fight

When Ace Ahsan pitched his preservative-free spice and seasoning product range, Your Flavour, all but one Shark rejected his deal. With Ace's dreams hanging in the balance, Naomi swooped in with a counter offer that irked Steve so much he lost his cool, leading to a heated exchange between the two. While Ace and Naomi were able to come to an agreement, Steve couldn't leave his bad mood behind.


The Most Emotional Pitch

It's not often that a pitch brings the Sharks to tears, but Queensland entrepreneur Brett Page's pitch did just that. Brett's moving tribute to his late father, a major supporter of  his customised wine label business, Cellar Wraps, left no eye dry in the Tank. With all the Sharks reaching for the tissues, it was Steve and Glen who were reaching for their cheque books, inking a deal with Brett on the spot. Cheers to that.

Shark Tank Australia channel 10 ten season 3 2017

The Most Romantic Pitch

In a shock Shark Tank twist nobody saw coming, lovebirds Luke and Chrissy emerged from the Tank with more than just a business deal. After bringing Janine on board with their speciality brand of low-FODMAP food, Foddies, a nervous Luke made his second pitch of the night: proposing to Chrissy. To everyone's delight, Chrissy said, "I'm in," er, we mean, "I will."


The Biggest Cliffhanger

The Sharks loved Margaret and Peter Powell's environmentally-friendly product Catch ‘N’ Release, a device that pulls up trapped boat anchors without damaging the sea bed. When they learned the couple only had three years left to run on their product patent, however, their business brains told them to drop out. At the eleventh hour, Glen threw the couple a lifeline to keep their heads safely above, and their product below, the water.

Shark Tank Australia channel 10 ten season 3 2017

The Biggest Blunder

Alex Houseman's coconut milk ice cream business Over The Moo, had the Sharks eating out of the palm of his hand. The yummy product quickly passed the taste test, but Alex's hopes for a $250,000 investment melted away when he revealed that his contract manufacturer owned the rights to the recipe. Needless to say, Over The Moo failed to scoop up a deal.


The Most Surprising Pitch

Unassuming Perth grandmother Jenny Holten took the Tank by storm with her gluten-free bakery, Strange Grains. Despite her lack of business knowledge, admitting, "I barely know what a CEO is, but I think I need one", Strange Grains was debt-free, and valued at a staggering $3.5 million. Naomi wanted in on Jenny's recipe for success, and the new partners sealed the deal over some freshly-baked treats.

Shark Tank Australia channel 10 ten season 3 2017

The Most Heart-Warming Product

Mother-daughter duo Lauren and Lily Marin's customised cushion business, Wish You Were Here Dolls, struck an emotional chord with all five Sharks. The concept was simple, yet powerful: a photo of a child's loved one - a parent working away from home, grandparents who live far away, or a deceased relative - is printed onto the doll, offering cuddles and comfort to any little ones missing someone special. With their hopes set on cracking the international market, Lauren and Lily accepted Andrew’s US-based offer.


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