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Statement from the Fertility Society of Australia

The Fertility Society of Australia is the peak body representing Australian and New Zealand scientists, doctors, researchers, nurses, consumers and counsellors in assisted reproduction.

The controls in place through the Fertility Society’s accreditation processes, administered by its Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC), prevent the events portrayed in Sisters occurring in Australia.

RTAC sets strict standards for the performance of assisted reproductive technology through an audited Code of Practice and the granting of licences to practice this technology within Australia, including sperm and egg donation and IVF.

The Fertility Society is, however, concerned about unregulated donor conception websites that seek to facilitate use of donated sperm, eggs and embryos between donors and potential recipients. It is the recommendation of the Fertility Society that these sites should not be used to create families.

People seeking assisted conception should use the professional services of an RTAC accredited service provider.

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Professor Michael Chapman
President, The Fertility Society of Australia