A Guide to Bachelorette Bike Polo

Published: 05 October 2017

The Bachelorette

Hold your horses, it's Bachelorette Bike Polo

If you've ever wondered how the classic game of Bachelorette Bike Polo is played - and who hasn't? - then look no further as we have some top tips for playing a proper match just like the pros.

Rule #1

It is customary and fair to separate into two teams according to age, or as the Bachelors like to say, the “wheelchairs” (the older men) from the “training wheels” (the youngsters).


Rule #2

Shirts must stay tucked in to pants at all times for two reasons: one, because a flapping shirt tail is a health and safety hazard while riding a bicycle, and two, because there is nothing more intimidating on two wheels than a well-dressed Bachelor.


Rule #3

Players must make sure to show their respect for, and appreciation of, the softness, density and overall springy-ness of the perfectly manicured grass by falling off their bike at least a few times.


Rule #4

Don’t forget to carry out essential safety checks, such as testing the durability of your teammates' helmets! You'll be doing them a favour.


Rule #5

There is only one correct manner in which to celebrate a goal in Bachelorette Bike Polo and that is via the highly dignified male custom of 'stacks on!'


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