Awkward Moments from Hometowns

Published: 20 October 2017

The Bachelorette

It’s time to meet the families…

This year’s Bachelorette hometown visits were abundant in awkward and shocking moments. Naturally our resident golden girl won over the families, but not without having to endure some very uncomfortable encounters along the way…

Sophie being led to a “dungeon” by Jarrod’s mum

“So I’m walking down the stairs into a dungeon and I’m wetting my pants. What is she going to do to me?” 

We were a little concerned when Sophie descended that dark staircase with Jarrod’s protective mum, but no fear; Anne was simply leading her to the wine cellar to discuss her romantic intentions. Phew! While the conversation would have made most of us cave under the pressure, Sophie won over the sceptical mum with her down-to-earth charm. And with that, followed our first love declaration of the season – all’s well that ends well. 

Sweet Grandma Ellie 

"You never want to find yourself between a boy and his grandma, and right now Grandma Ellie isn’t having a bar of me”

Apollo’s Grandma Ellie showed us that while she may look little and sweet, you don’t want to get on her bad side. She pulled no punches in letting Apollo know exactly what she thought of their situation, including that he needed to think long and hard about whether Sophie really was the one for him. Lesson learned: don’t mess with Grandma Ellie…

Stu’s big bombshell

“I appreciate that Stu’s being so honest, but this is a lot of information for me to digest… and now I’ve got to meet his family”

Stu dropped the bombshell of the season when he revealed he’d had the snip, despite knowing Sophie wanted kids. The shocked Bachelorette had barely begun to process the news when Stu delivered some more – he’s still technically married. Wow, give her some time to breathe, Stu! Oh well, at least she had meeting his family to take her mind off it…

Sophie was left squirming in her seat by the Bachelorette inquisition that followed, Stu’s family determined to discover her intentions. Sophie thanked her lucky stars when Stu came to the rescue, saving her from the untrusting eyes of his family. 

Blake’s family fangirling over Sophie

“I’m not sure if they’re excited to meet Blake’s girlfriend or Sophie Monk. I kind of feel like I’m on display” 

The minute Sophie walked through the door, all eyes were on her as Blake’s family screamed and squealed in excitement. Was this meet the family or greet the fans? But of course, our Bachelorette handled their uncontained enthusiasm like a pro.

Blake throwing Sophie to the wolves (aka his mum and sister)

“Celeste [Blake’s sister] and Blake’s mum are not holding back, I just hope Blake meant it when he said he’d have my back” 

Blake happily took a back seat during his family’s ‘Get to know Sophie’ session, despite insisting they were in this together. And once Blake’s mum and sister got past their initial excitement at having Sophie in their house, they proceeded to grill her on her motives for being the Bachelorette. Realising that Blake was more interested in the food on his plate than in having her back, Sophie tackled the tough questions solo, impressing the family’s socks off in the process.