Sophie Needs A Hero

Published: 29 September 2017

The Bachelorette Australia Season 3 Episode 3

She's holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night

Our favourite gal from the Gold Coast has been refreshingly honest about her Bachelorette experience so far, and we love her for that. From admitting that she's not the "typical" Bachelorette, to calling herself a "total dork" and a "bad flirt", Sophie's all about keeping it real.


She's also been open about the type of partner she's searching for. After spending years in Hollywood, dating actors and musicians, Sophie just wants to settle down with a "top Aussie bloke" and, luckily for her, there's a bunch of Bachelors that fit the bill.


Whether they're proving their manliness by changing a tyre, gallantly carrying Sophie out of the surf, or simply offering her their jacket when she gets cold, this season's suitors are eager to prove their worth. With such quality gentlemen in the mansion, we have a hunch that Sophie might just find her hero.

Here are our top heroic moments from the season so far. We want to know what you think, so vote for your favourite heroic moment in the poll below.

No Cold Shoulders

Sophie's cocktail party looks are stunning, there's no argument there, but they certainly aren't very warm. Not wanting to see their Bachelorette shiver, the boys are always on hand to offer their jacket to keep Sophie's shoulders toasty. Cute move, guys.

The Bachelorette Australia

Keep Calm, And Listen To Jarrod

Why Sophie chose such a hair-raising activity for her first date with Jarrod we do not know, but it certainly brought them closer together. With a shared fear of heights, the prospect of inching along a high wire suspended between two light towers at Spotless Stadium left both of them quaking in their boots.


Being the gentleman that he is, the ex-military-turned-wine maker wasn't about to let his own phobia get in the way of supporting Sophie's every step. When she began to panic, he remained cool, calm and collected. Instead of pushing her to keep going, he gently led her back to safety. Consider this Bachelorette thoroughly impressed.


A Hands-On Hero

Once again, Sophie might have bitten off more than she could chew with her 'sumo surfing' date idea for Luke. What was supposed to be a fun, easy and fool-proof alternative to traditional surfing, 'sumo surfing' turned out to be a lot harder than Sophie first thought.


After being thrown around in an inflatable suit and drinking lots of sea water, Sophie admitted she was "so crap" at the unique water sport, and called time. Luckily for her, she had tall, dark and handsome Luke to scoop her up and carry her out of the waves. Sigh.

Wheelie Impressive Skills

Sophie kicked her search for a "real man" up a gear by hosting the inaugural Bachelorette Real Man Games, comprising blokey activities such as assembling flat-pack furniture and building a fire. The Games effectively sorted the men from the boys in the mansion, and saw a real contender for Sophie's heart emerge. Financial adviser James might've let first-night nerves get to him on the red carpet, but they were nowhere to be seen when he led his team to victory during the tyre change round.


James went on to win the 'Real Man' title, earning special one-on-one time with Sophie. He may have just proved himself as a tough-as-nails bloke, but James wasn't shy about showing his softer side when he cuddled up with Sophie under a fluffy blanket. We hope the other boys are taking notes.


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