The Living Room

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Christmas Reno Rescue: Ruby's Reno factsheet  
DeClutter with Peter Walsh: Garage factsheet
DIY With Kyal: Sand Buggy factsheet    
Take Home Barry: Pavers and Kid's factsheet 
Reno Rescue: Kitchen factsheet 
Quickie With Barry: Solar Hart factsheet 
Take Home Barry: Erskinville Cricket Pitch factsheet  
Reno Rescue Laundry Curl Curl factsheet  
Ryobi Camping Quickie factsheet  
Reno For Profit: Two Bedroom Apartment Croydon Park factsheet  
Design Challenge: Lane Cove Kids Bedroom factsheet  
Take Home Barry: Planter Boxes and Wall Planters factsheet 
Ryobi Lawnmower Quickie factsheet  
DeClutter With Peter Walsh: Bedroom factsheet 
IKEA Living Room Winter Set factsheet
Reno Rescue: Brick Master Bedroom factsheet  
Take Home Barry: Blinds and Lattice factsheet  
Reno For Profit: Colyton Bathroom factsheet  
WOW House: Green House factsheet 
Ryobi Saw Quickie factsheet
Design Challenge 5: Master Bedroom factsheet 
Reno For Profit Botany Heritage House factsheet 
Barry's Top 5 Water Saving Tips factsheet
Reno Rescue 3: Ensuite factsheet
IKEA Winter Warmer with James Treble factsheet
Take Home Barry: Tool Shed and Screen factsheet
Design Challenge 3: Living Room factsheet
DeClutter Tips with Peter Walsh factsheet
Surfboard Shaper factsheet
Reno For Profit: Kitchen Renovation factsheet
Reno For Profit: Sequence of Construction Kitchen Flat Pack factsheet 
Reno For Profit: Colyton Whole House & Granny Flat factsheet
Renovation Resuce: Teenage Bedroom factsheet
DIY With Kara: Kid's Clothes Rack factsheet
IKEA Getting Organised: Living Room factsheet
Power Saving Tips With Barry factsheet
DeClutter With Peter Walsh: Garage factsheet
Jamie Durie's Abbotsford Courtyard Transformation factsheet
Take Home Barry: Privacy Screen and Clothesline factsheet
IKEA Getting Organised: Linen Cupboard factsheet
IKEA Living Room Set factsheet
Reno Rescue: Chatswood Easter Kitchen factsheet
IKEA Getting Organised: Pantry factsheet
DIY With Kara: Ladder factsheet
Reno For Profit: $5000 Apartment Reno factsheet
DeClutter with Peter Walsh: Living Room factsheet 
DIY With Kyal: Bedhead factsheet
Baulkham Hills Renovation factsheet

Reno Rescue 7: Rumpus Room and Deck factsheet
Reno For Profit 5: Gladesville One Bed Unit factsheet
Quickie with Chyka: Lemons
WOW House: Vinegar Factory factsheet
Declutter with Peter Walsh 6 factsheet
Take Home Barry 9 Church Point factsheet
Design Challenge: Glenhaven factsheet
Reno Rescue: Laundry factsheet
Cherie Barber Reno For Profit 6: Whole House factsheet
Declutter with Peter Walsh 6: Rumpus Room factsheet
Take Home Barry 8 Engadine factsheet
Backyard Wedding factsheet
Man Cave Makeover factsheet
Quickie With Baz: Hanging Pictures factsheet
Cherie Barber Reno For Profit 5: Facade factsheet
Take Home Barry 7: Blinds and Shade factsheet
Sutherland Design Challenge factsheet
Cherie Barber Reno For Profit 4: $2000 Kitchen factsheet
Declutter with Peter Walsh 5: Glenwood
Take Home Barry 6: Security System factsheet
Barry's Top Five Painting Tips factsheet
Cherie's Top Five Reno For Profit Tips factsheet
Nanna's Swimming Cap factsheet
Take Home Barry 5: Laundry and Architraves factsheet
WOW House: Winged House factsheet
Declutter with Peter Walsh 4: Caringbah factsheet
Design Challenge 3: Eastwood factsheet
Cherie Barber Reno For Profit 3: Lethbridge Park factsheet
Take Home Barry 4: Garden Shed factsheet
Declutter with Peter Walsh: Entertainment Room factsheet
Reno Rescue 3: '70s Kitchen factsheet
Take Home Barry 3: Centennial Park factsheet
Reno For Profit 2: Werrington Downs factsheet
Move Or Improve: Subdivide factsheet
Reno Rescue 4: Little Bay Facade factsheet
Easter Table Setting factsheet
Barry Quickie: Ryobi Wall Repair Kit factsheet
Jonglea Easter Studio Set factsheet
Design Challenge 2: Master Bedroom factsheet
Barry Quickie: Wine Glass Holder factsheet
Declutter with Peter Walsh 2: Rouse Hill factsheet
WOW House: Tiny Homes factsheet
Reno Rescue 1: Ensuite factsheet
Jamie's Garden Reno: Glenmore Park
Quickie with Barry: Bookshelf
Design Challenge 1 Hammondville factsheet
Reno For Profit 1: Dulwich Hill factsheet
Take Home Barry 1: Water Feature factsheet
Reno Rescue 2: Outdoor Entertaining and Dog Area factsheet

Hummingbird House Christmas Renovation factsheet
Take Home Barry: Front Door and Guttering factsheet
Design Challenge 5: Master Bedroom factsheet
Reno For Profit 6: Bathroom Spruce Summer Hill Factsheet
De-clutter with Peter Walsh: Home Office factsheet
Quickie with James: Styling on a Budget factsheet
Baz's Top 5 Tools factsheet
Take Home Barry: Garage Mt Colah factsheet
Reno For Profit: Colyton Entire House factsheet
Take Home Barry: Tiles and Wall Patch factsheet
Peter Walsh: Declutter Garage and Living Room factsheet
Office Chair Quickie factsheet
Move or Improve Adelaide factsheet
James' Top 5 Design Tips factsheet
Home Inspection: Rising Damp factsheet
Reno Rescue 5: Kitchen factsheet
Reno For Profit 5 Hillsdale Apartment factsheet
Take Home Barry: Turf and Cabinet factsheet
Baz DIY Copper Towel Rail factsheet
Peter Walsh: Master Bedroom factsheet
WOW House: Very Small Apartment factsheet
Take Home Barry: Laundry Storage factsheet
Hot List Special: Barry's Top 5 Lighting Tips factsheet
Hot List Special: Cherie's Top 5 Exterior Tips factsheet
Reno For Profit 3: Kingswood factsheet
WOW House: Ronald Reagan factsheet
Peter Walsh 5: Teen Bedroom factsheet
Design Challenge: Family Room factsheet
Move or Improve: Reno or Rebuild factsheet
Reno For Profit: St Clair factsheet
Peter Walsh: Under Stair Storage factsheet
WOW House Blue Mountains Cave factsheet
Take Home Barry: Turf and Blinds factsheet
Design Challenge: Coastal vs Country Living Room factsheet
Jamie’s Private Garden Makeover factsheet
WOW Rotating House factsheet
Bedside Table Quickie with James Treble factsheet
Reno Rescue: Lara's Laundry factsheet
Kyal & Kara Design Challenge 2: Kids Bedroom factsheet
Australia's Biggest Morning Tea factsheet
Reno Rescue 3: Bathroom Spruce factsheet
Reno For Profit: Emu Plains factsheet
Quickie with James: Leather Strap Belt factsheet
De-clutter with Peter Walsh: Garage Workshop factsheet
Peter Walsh Mobile Phone Hacks factsheet
Take Home Barry: Path and Irrigation factsheet
Reno Rescue: Facade and Front Yard factsheet
Quickie with Baz: Sanding factsheet
Kyal & Kara Design Challenge: Odd-Shaped Living Room factsheet
Quickie with Peter: Fridge Clean factsheet
WOW House: Narrow House factsheet
Reno for Profit: Picton factsheet
Take Home Barry: Faux Wall factsheet
Quickie with James: Stool factsheet
Baz's Home Inspection factsheet
Valentine's Day Bedroom Makeover factsheet
The Buckley's Backyard Reno factsheet
Design Challenge: Odd-Shaped Living Room factsheet
Reno Rescue: Family Kitchen factsheet
Take Home Barry: Vertical Garden factsheet
Quickie with James: 'Day of the Dead' pumpkin factsheet
Barry Home Inspection: Mould factsheet
Reno For Profit: Eschol Park factsheet
Take Home Barry: $200 Bedroom factsheet
Top 5 Bathrooms factsheet
Top 5 Exteriors factsheet
De-clutter with Peter Walsh: Rachel and Gareth factsheet
WOW House Dani Venn factsheet
Design Challenge: Teen Bedroom factsheet
Quickie with James: Spring Bedroom factsheet
WOW House: Archiblox factsheet
De-clutter with Peter Walsh: Office/Guest Room factsheet
Reno Rescue: Narrabeen Bedroom factsheet
Reno Rescue: Father's Day Man Cave Special factsheet
Quickie with Barry: Painting Metal factsheet
Quickie with Barry: Paint Finishes factsheet
Lego Coat Hanger factsheet
Take Home Barry 6 factsheet
Reno For Profit: Top 5 Kitchen factsheet
Reno For Profit: Top 5 Kitchens: Sequence of Construction factsheet
Take Home Barry 3: BBQ factsheet
Quickie with James: Wine Bottle Lights factsheet
WOW House: Brian Ritchie factsheet
Design Challenge: Home Office factsheet
Quickie with Baz: Cleaning Paint Brushes factsheet
Barry's Pipe Garden factsheet
De-clutter with Peter Walsh: Kelly and Phil factsheet
Quickie with Peter Walsh: Travel Luggage factsheet
Reno for Profit: Ermington factsheet
Quickie with Peter Walsh - Linen factsheet
Take Home Barry 4: Frank & Marsha factsheet
WOW House Southern Outlet factsheet
Reno For Profit 4 Meadowbank factsheet
Jamie Durie in Palm Springs factsheet
Dining Room Design Challenge factsheet
Barry Home Inspection Wahroonga factsheet
Peter Walsh De-Clutter Special Berkeley Vale factsheet
Reno Rescue 5 Pet Friendly factsheet
Quickie with James Rugs factsheet
Peter Walsh De-Clutter Special Cromer factsheet
Take Home Barry 5 factsheet
Reno Rescue 3 Bathroom factsheet
Quickie with James Buttons factsheet
Reno for Profit Hervey Bay factsheet
Take Home Barry 2: Jane factsheet
Reno for Profit Seaford factsheet
Move or Improve Rowville factsheet
Peter Walsh Special Point Cook factsheet
Reno Rescue Enmore factsheet
Quickies with James Easter Baskets factsheet
24 Hour Reno Hoppers Crossing factsheet
WOW House Fremantle Hippy factsheet
Reno Kingswood Kitchen factsheet
Quickie with James Tassels factsheet
Quickie with James Quilting factsheet
WOW Church factsheet
24 Hour Reno Parramatta factsheet
Design Challenge Master Bedroom factsheet
Quickies with Barry Sanding factsheet
Quickies with James Fish Art factsheet
Renovation Rescue Living Room factsheet
Take Home Baz Panania factsheet
Renovation Rescue Heart Kids factsheet

Recycled Christmas Design Challenge ep 40 factsheet
Baz's DIY Christmas tree ep 40 factsheet
Clutter to Kindness ep 40 factsheet
Renovating for profit ep 39 South Windsor factsheet
Take home Baz episode 38
Nana's dust collectors factsheet
Bilpin WOW house factsheet
Cronulla courtyard challenge factsheet
Renovating for profit Kogarah apartment ep35
Peter Walsh handy DIY tips Ep 34 factsheet
Peter Walsh de-clutter special factsheet
Winmalee rumpus room reno factsheet
How to de-clutter your books factsheet
Doll collector factsheet 
Kids bedroom space challenge factsheet
Take Home Baz DIY Ep 30 factsheet
Expedit Shelving into seating factsheet
Rammed eart 'wow' house factsheet
Putty factsheet
Bathroom renovation factsheet
Bedroom transformation challenge factsheet
How to style a sideboard factsheet
How to style a sofa factsheet
how to style a dining room factsheet
Cow collector factsheet
Freedom Lounge Room factsheet
Special Clutter Buster
Ep 24 Renovating for Profit factsheet
Peter Walsh 6 factsheet
Peter Walsh's Top 5 clutter tips factsheet
Top 5 things you shouldn't pay a tradie to do factsheet
Top 5 ways to add value to your home factsheet
Top 5 ways to colour your life factsheet
Staircase kitchen reno factsheet
Take home Baz 7 factsheet
Peter Walsh 5 factsheet
Ep 17 Renovating for Profit front facade factsheet
Quickies with Peter Walsh factsheet
Quickies with Baz 4 factsheet
Dining room design challenge factsheet
Quickies with Baz 3 factsheet
Mother's Day living room reno factsheet
Quickies with James 2 factsheet
Take home Baz 5 factsheet
Clutter special factsheet
$100 design challenge factsheet
Home office design challenge 2 factsheet
Peter Walsh 4 factsheet
Ep 10 Renovating for Profit factsheet
Quickies with James Treble factsheet
Ep 6 Renovating for Profit $1k kitchen factsheet
Quickies with Baz 2 factsheet
Lounge design challenge factsheet
Quickies with Baz 1 factsheet
Peter Walsh 3 factsheet
Take home Baz 4 factsheet
Romantic reno factsheet
Christmas design challenge factsheet
Christmas lights factsheet
Ep 39 Renovating for Profit factsheet
Annabel Mazoti 'Wow House' factsheet
Flowers two ways factsheet
Recycling design challenge factsheet
Family kitchen reno factsheet
Children's garden reno factsheet
Ep 34 Renovating for Profit factsheet
Spring garden reno factsheet
Hallway reno factsheet
Laundry reno factsheet
Take home Baz 3 factsheet
Vertical garden reno factsheet
Ep 28 Renovating for Profit factsheet
Dad's media room reno factsheet
Nursery design challenge 2 factsheet
Ep 25 Renovating for Profit factsheet
Take home Baz 2 factsheet
Peter Walsh 2 factsheet
School garden reno factsheet
Winter warmer reno factsheet
Spare room design challenge factsheet
Take home Baz factsheet
Peter Walsh factsheet
Skillaroos factsheet
Man cave reno factsheet
Living room design challenge 2 factsheet
Inside out bedroom reno factsheet
Ep 13 Renovating for Profit factsheet
Black wow house factsheet
Ensuite reno factsheet
Ep 10 Renovating for Profit factsheet
Karen McCartney 'Wow House' factsheet
Salvage Sisters design challenge factsheet
Courtyard garden reno factsheet
Once In A Lifetime kitchen factsheet
Home office design challenge factsheet
Ep 4 Renovating for Profit factsheet
John Henry 'Wow House' factsheet
Bedroom design challenge 2 factsheet
Indoor-outdoor reno factsheet
Once a year once over factsheet
Ep 29 Renovating for Profit factsheet
Bathroom reno factsheet
Bedroom design challenge factsheet
Brendan Moar 'Wow House' factsheet
Foyer renovation factsheet
Modern renovation factsheet
Shannon Fricke 'Wow House' factsheet
Nursery design challenge factsheet
Games room reno factsheet
Ep 20 Renovating for Profit factsheet
Living room design challenge factsheet
Balcony playroom reno factsheet
Patio reno factsheet
Episode 16 Renovating for Profit factsheet
Toilet reno factsheet
Urban kitchen reno factsheet
Moebius 'Wow House' factsheet
Episode 12 Renovating for Profit factsheet
Little kitchen reno factsheet
Dome 'Wow House' factsheet
Episode 9 Renovating for Profit factsheet
Master suite reno factsheet
50s 'Wow House' factsheet
Episode 5 Renovating for Profit factsheet
70s 'Wow House' factsheet
Studio renovation factsheet
Balcony reno factsheet
Family bathroom reno factsheet
Move or improve factsheet