Mind power breakthroughs for those with disabilities

Published: 11 April 2018

The Project Mind power
The Project Mind power
You're watching The Project Mind power We chat with Dr Jordan Nguyen about the inventions he's created that are helping people with disabilities speak and even make music - just by moving their eyes.

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Jordan’s eye-operated inventions to change lives

Dr Jordan Nguyen
Image © 2015 AAP Image/ Rashida Yosufzai

Australian engineer Dr Jordan Nguyen knows all about the power of the mind – and he’s using his to improve the lives of others.

Working at the frontiers of medical technology, Dr Nguyen has developed a series of life-changing, futuristic inventions that allow those living with disabilities to perform tasks they would otherwise find difficult or impossible.

Today, Jordan’s company Psykinetic launched three new products which are operated through tracking eye movements: an app store, a music composition program, and the world’s fastest eye-controlled keyboard.

Called FRONTIER, the keyboard is designed for people who are non-verbal with a severe physical disability, and allows users to advance through levels, facilitating communication at speeds of up to 40 words per minute.

The products are the latest in a long line of innovations in brain-based technology which Jordan has been working with ever since university.

After nearly paralysing himself after hitting his head on the bottom of a friend’s swimming pool in 2005, Jordan began conducting research into a thought-controlled wheelchair for his PhD.

By 2012, that idea had become a reality. And now he’s continuing to roll out products that make life-improving technology affordable and accessible.

Dr Jordan Nguyen will be a guest on The Project tonight.