Survival Instinct

Published: 17 April 2018


After a dirtbike accident left Scott in a coma, he fought to get his life back

Scott Harris speaking with The Project
Image 2018 © The Project

In 2008, at the age of 23, Scott was dirtbike riding with his friends, when he suffered a horrific accident.

Scott’s mum, Debra, received a tragic phone call from the police, informing her that Scott had been in a critical motorbike accident.

Doctors didn’t know if he would survive. He had swelling on the brain, a shattered face, a broken neck and severed nerves in his right arm.

According to Debra, when she arrived at the hospital, her son was “unrecognisable.”

For over two weeks, Scott was trapped in a coma, and it wasn’t until day 16 that he finally woke, but he was unable to eat, walk, or even speak.

However, as the months progressed, so did Scott’s incredible ability to recover. He even began communicating with his family again, and powered through daily rehab.

After three years, Scott defied the odds and returned to living independently at home. But his struggles weren’t over. It was still very difficult for him to complete many everyday tasks.

He said, when he realised his “injuries were that bad, that was when the depression set in.” He particularly struggled because he was living alone, with no friends around.

However, to get him back on track, he decided to go snowboarding in Europe. Scott said it was “the best rehab [he] could have asked for.”

It’s now been nine years since the accident and Scott hopes his story of recovery and determination can help others facing difficult situations.