76 years of true love

Published: 14 February 2017

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Stan and Nancy celebrate their 70th anniversary

Here’s to another 70…
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It was 1941, and 16-year-old Stan Nicholls was looking for a date to his first dance.

“This friend of mine said he knew this girl who liked a bit of fun,” Stan recalls, “and he’ll bring her if I’ll bring my sister, ‘cause he’d like to meet my sister.”

That girl was Nancy. She and Stan danced all night that night – but nothing more!

“I took her out on the balcony, went for a bit of a play around and got whacked for my trouble, and we stuck together evermore after that.”

Because Nancy had fallen for Stan too.

“He was so funny, full of jokes, and a very nice person,” Nancy explains, “and I think I fell straight away without realising it.”

Today, on Valentine’s Day, the two 91-year-olds celebrate 70 years of wedded bliss.

But wartime love was never easy, and while their relationship was still in its early days, Stan was conscripted into the Navy.

Stan told Nancy not to wait for him while he was away, but when he returned from service two years later she immediately dropped her boyfriend to reunite with the love of her life – Stan.

“She gave him the flick,” Stan laughs, “and we decided to get engaged, and that was it.”.

But Nancy’s mother took some convincing to let her daughter marry a ‘common sailor’.

“She was a snob!” Nancy laughs.

“But years later we heard about what a wonderful husband and wonderful he was with his children. She didn’t tell me, but she told all her friends, so in the end she’d found out he was okay.”

The Gold Coast great-grandparents say they’re still as in love as ever. And one look at them is enough to see just how true that is.