Return of the Nokia

Published: 15 February 2017

The 3310 keypad – ready to mash again

Classic phone snakes back to life

The 3310 keypad – ready to mash again

Sick of your fancy phone, with its apps, camera, flashlight, music player, email and web browser?

Fed up with this decade’s technology putting everything conveniently at your screen-touching fingertips?

Good news – the legendary Nokia 3310 is coming back.

Nokia are set to relaunch the phone, often considered nearly indestructible, at the Mobile World Congress later this month, according to a leak reported in Venture Beat.

The 3310 was originally released in 2000 as the next model up from the everywhere-at-the-time Nokia 3210, and was hailed for its long-life battery and incredible resilience.

And Snake II. That’s right, this was the phone that took Snake to the next level, providing new adventures for everyone’s favourite monochrome line. He has to eat a bug! Whoa! It disappeared!

It also featured those long-forgotten games Pairs II, Space Impact and Bantumi. I mean, they couldn’t compete with a trying to stop a line from eating itself, but I’m sure they’re a very entertaining way to pass the hours while waiting for albums to download piecemeal from Napster.

Not to mention the 3310 added some newfangled features like vibrate notification, a calculator, a stopwatch, and – let’s not forget – a reminder function.

And some of the best monophonic screeching chiptunes you’ve ever heard. (Check out the playlist below for a nostalgia rush.)

All this can apparently be all yours for just €59 (AU$81). Although if you were a real fan, you probably still have a perfectly functional one in your desk drawer.