Uber creating technology that can tell if you’re drunk

Published: 12 June 2018


The app wants to know if you’re under the influence.

Uber want to know if you're drunk - but before you get in the car.
Image 2017 © Da qing / AAP Wire

Uber want to know if the people using their app are drunk or high, and they are developing technology to help them figure it out.

Normally drivers would be able to tell from signs, such as the passengers asking “do you mind if I drink this in here?” or from them ordering the Uber at 3am outside of a nightclub.

Instead of just waiting to hear a slur when the drivers are asked how long they’ve been driving Uber, the ride-sharing app has submitted a patent application outlining a system that would figure out if the users are showing uncharacteristic behaviour.

The things the app would be able to pick up would include the speed the user is walking, typos, whether or not the phone is swaying when it’s being used and the angle the phone is being held. It will not be able to detect whether or not you’ve told the friend you’re with “I love you man, no serious, I love you.”

The system, which is still in the development stage, would allow Uber to adjust how they service the customer – including providing a driver who would be better equipped with dealing with drunk passengers.

Until the technology is developed Uber will presumably continue to detect drunk passengers the old fashion way of counting the number of kebabs in their hand.