Sheepish moment for NSW Police Minister

Published: 21 March 2017

Worst of all, Troy didn’t even get a retweet

Tweet a bit of a giveaway he was breaking the law

Worst of all, Troy didn’t even get a retweet
Image via Twitter/Troy Grant

New South Wales Police Minister Troy Grant has admitted he broke the law and asked police to issue an infringement notice after he tweeted a picture he’d taken while driving.

The image he tweeted on Saturday was of a sheep travelling in the back of a station wagon in front of him, and was taken while the cars were stopped at roadworks.

“Heading home on the Newell stopped at upgrade works and then saw this. A ewe in the back out on a Saturday drive!” read Grant’s tweet.

But as irresistibly amusing as a back seat lamb might be, it’s ended up costing the minister $325 and four demerit points.

Because while his tweet didn’t raise a ripple on social media (no retweets or likes), it didn’t escape the attention of journalists at The Daily Telegraph, who pointed out that taking a photo while behind the wheel is not really the done thing, obeying-the-law-wise.

No matter how much livestock is stuffed into the car in front.

But at least Mr Grant didn’t try to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, issuing a statement to the Daily Telegraph explaining that he had dobbed himself in to the police. He probably didn’t even have to look up their number.

“Sitting stationary with the engine off at a road works site is no excuse to use a mobile phone,” Mr Grant said.

“As Police Minister I work hard to promote road safety and work with the police to campaign for better driver behaviour, including most recently for the launch of Operation Westforce.

“I’ve contacted the NSW Police to issue me with any appropriate infringement notice, and I hope my experience can serve as a reminder to others.”

He’d better be careful next time he sees an amusing sheep on the road, unless he wants to be baaaaarred from driving.