Troll Free Day

Published: 16 March 2017

Troll Free Day

Troll Free Day is a day dedicated to raising awareness about cyber-bullying.

Image © 2017 Bully Zero Australia Foundation

In 2012, Mel Greig and her 2Day FM radio co-host Michael Christian made a prank call to a London hospital, posing as the Queen. They tried to gain information about Kate Middleton’s condition during her pregnancy, and their call was put through to Middleton’s hospital room by an English nurse Jacinta Saldnha, who soon committed suicide because of the incident.

Mel Greig then endured two years of brutal online trolling. According to the Bully Zero Australia Foundation website, she “struggled to overcome the trolling and it played a big role in her falling into a deep depression.”

In 2014, 2 years after the incident, Mel finally started rising above the online trolls, and in her blog she stated, “It’s time for me to move forward, I’m finally feeling like Mel again and I can’t wait for the next chapter in my life. Life is precious.”

It certainly wasn’t easy for Mel to come out the other end, and she knows how prevalent and dangerous cyber-bullying is. So she decided to create an initiative through the Bully Zero Australia Foundation to raise awareness and combat this dangerous online activity.

Mel said, “If, as an adult I struggled so extremely with it… how is a child supposed to understand and deal with online bullying? This is about everyone with a social media account.”

Last year, Troll Free Day had incredible support. The Daily Telegraph jumped on board and disabled their comments for 24 hours. So we can only hope that this year, Troll Free Day will raise much needed awareness.

You can listen to the 1 hour Troll Free Day Radio Special tomorrow, March 17th. It will air nationwide on most Grant Broadcaster Stations or you can listen live at 8am on or the Podcast from 9am.

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