Man has Feels for Heels

Published: 09 March 2018

The Project Standing Tall
The Project Standing Tall
You're watching The Project Standing Tall He's a corporate man in a corporate world. But there's something a little bit different about Ashley Maxwell-Lam. He wears high heels to work.

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Ashley has his high heels to thank for his newfound confidence

High heels in western fashion started off as gender-neutral. By the late 1590s, rich women and men across Europe were wearing them as a sign of wealth. But by the mid-1700s, the wider public had begun showing their disgust at signs of extravagance, and men went back to flats… until now.

Ashley works in the insurance industry, but there’s something a little bit different about the way he dresses for work. He wears a classic suit, shirt and tie, but if you look down a bit further, you’ll notice a pair of six-inch stilettos.

A year ago, Ashley had never even tried on a pair of high heels, until he was speaking to one of his colleagues, who said the shoes helped her to feel “confident and strong.”

He thought about what she had said and decided to go to a shoe shop to try on a pair, saying, “a lightbulb just switched on… I felt confident, I felt invincible, I felt empowered, like I could take on anything and do whatever I wanted.”

Within a month of buying his first pair of high heels, he mustered up the courage to tell his boss he was going to be wearing them to work. He said he “wasn’t asking for permission, [he] was telling her, this is what [he’s] going to be doing.”

He now wears his high heels two or three times a week, and his colleagues are fully behind him. And no, not just in case he falls.

Ashley believes the shoes “don’t define [him] as being a woman or being feminine. Who decided at what point in our human evolution that high heels equal women and flats equal men?”

So has Ashley started a new shoe-volution? Only time will tell…