Daters judge style in just three seconds

Published: 13 November 2017

Passing judgment in the online jungle

Half of Aussies swipe left in a tic

Passing judgment in the online jungle
Image via Pixabay

First impressions count. In fact they count out half of online daters.

A new survey finds it takes just three seconds or less for 50.2% of Australians to condemn you to the undateable pile.

By the three second mark, 51.2% of males and 44.5% of women have “swiped left” on possible matches, according to the study by mobile classifieds marketplace Carousell.

And 13.3% of millennials have judged someone within the first second. You’d better hope they didn’t blink, or it’s possible you weren’t given a fair chance.

That wacky profile picture with the goofy face may not be doing you any favours – smiles are the number one reason for swiping right in New South Wales and Victoria – and one of the top priorities for 67.1% of people around the country.

Though the top reason for Queenslanders and Tasmanians to chat to a potential love interest is their bio.

Clothing also counts – 24.2% of people said that was one of the top reasons they started talking to someone online.

But keep it casual - 50.9% found casual dress most attractive on a woman, and 54.4% backed the plain T-shirt and jeans look for blokes.

Though 39% also went for the “suited and booted” look for men. And 5.6% thought the best look for men was trackie dacks.

Just trackie dacks? Unfortunately that wasn’t clear.

Personal relationshops mentor Emily Chadbourne says they main thing is to choose clothes that you feel comfortable in for your profile pic.

“It makes sense to choose clothes that best represent the person you are and make you feel great – because confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear.”

So go on - throw your favourite mankini over those trackies. Someone’s bound to find it attractive. Or at least it might make them pause for a fourth second.