Youngest child most likely to be the favourite

Published: 12 November 2017

Siblings fighting to be the favourite.

New study will be hard to take for older siblings who know they’re the best.

Siblings always fighting to be the favourite.
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This will come as a shock to all eldest children who have known that they were not just the superior child but surely the favourite based on years of being the first to arrive, but researchers have found that it may be the youngest child who is more likely to be the parent’s fave.

According to a new study from Brigham Young University’s School of Family Life they have found that the youngest sibling is more likely to the parents’ favourite.

If the youngest sibling feels like they’re the favourite and the parents believe the same thing then the relationship between the parent and child is strengthened. Whereas if they don’t believe they’re the favourite, if they think they’re the lowest on the totem pole, then it hurts their relationship with the parents.

On the other side of things, the eldest sibling doesn’t seem to mind either way. Whether they’re the favourite or not doesn’t affect their relationship with their parents. The research shows this could be because younger siblings are more likely to be compared to older siblings rather than the other way around.

300 families of two teenagers each were studied for the research that found it is beneficial for the parent’s relationship with their children to favour the youngest child over the eldest one. For all older children just put this down to being because of how chill you are as a person.

The good news for first-borns is they were on the planet first and will not let their younger siblings forget that any time soon.