You get a car name, and you get a car name!

Published: 05 October 2017

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A survey has uncovered the car-naming behaviour of Aussies

Our caption: A car that is yet to be named
Image via Pixabay

To celebrate’s 20th birthday, the company decided to commission a survey on the car naming behaviours of Australians. They surveyed 800 Aussie men and women (aged 18-65).

According to a media release, Aussie women are more likely to give their cars sexually suggestive names, while men lean towards naming theirs after genitals. Or as genital-cars are called Suba-rude parts. One respondent also said her husband named their ute ‘The Uterus.’

The survey found some similar naming trends amongst both sexes, with celebrity names equally prevalent. ‘Taylor (Suzuki) Swift’ and ‘Sonia (Toyota) Kluger’ are the most popular.

Both genders are almost equally as likely (53% men; 47% women) to name their cars after fictional characters, such as ‘Puff the Magic Dragon,’ ‘Frankenstein,’ ‘Scooby Doo’ and ‘Kermit.’

Sam Granleese, Director, Produce & Insights at said, “The Mazdabator is certainly creative and most memorable by far!”

As stated in the press release, the survey also found some other interesting facts:

-49.1 per cent of respondents think people who name their cars are ‘friendly,’ and over 36.2 per cent think they are ‘cool.’
-Betsy was the most popular name among men and women
-Car manufacturers also played a role in naming cars. For example, Mazzy (Mazda), Mitzy (Mitsubishi), and Nissy (Nissan).