Pack up your travel nanna

Published: 12 September 2017

See kids? Just because we’re overseas doesn’t mean we can’t dump you with Granny.

Half of Aussie parents would pay THEIR parents to holiday babysit

See kids? Just because we’re overseas doesn’t mean we can’t dump you with Granny.
Image © royalty-free from Pixabay

Everyone agrees that family holidays are fantastic, except perhaps for the family bit.

But around half of all Aussie parents are hoping to pass the annoying inconvenience of children on holidays to their own parents - and are willing to pay for the privilege.

It’s called the rise of the “travel nanna”, but don’t be misled, we are talking about regular nannas, and you shouldn’t attempt to fold them up to be conveniently stored in carry-on luggage.

A new survey of 1,076 parents found that 59 per cent of parents with kids under 4 – and 44 per cent of all parents – would happily take their parents or parents-in-law with them on holiday to help look after the kids.

That way they can play the role of the annoying children.

48 per cent of parents with dependent kids would even pay some of grandma or grandpa’s costs to get a bit of holiday alone time – with 15% being willing to cover the whole holiday.

Of course, you could just leave the kids at home with nanna and gramps and jet off to a tropical island yourself. But this way feels far less selfish; your kids get to see the world, and their grandparents at the same time.

And all you have to do is up that vacation budget. It’s not like real money.

But this is a holiday only deal, Granny. The survey (commissioned by found that 89 per cent of parents don’t pay grandparents for babysitting at home.

And why are we willing to extend the family holiday to the previous generation? One major reason is that we don’t trust overseas babysitters.

39 per cent wouldn’t trust babysitters in any overseas destination, with Central America topping the list with 51 per cent of parents not trusting babysitters there. Turkey, India, Russia and South Africa rounded out the list of top countries we don’t trust with our kids.

So, grandparents, hold off on arranging that trip around the world. Wait long enough, and your kids might pay your way… for just a little childcare.