10 Things We Learned From the Under the Dome Finale

Published: 16 September 2015

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And so the curtain – or rather dome – fell, ending three seasons of wonderfully wacky drama. Were all your burning questions answered, or were you left scratching your dome? Here’s what The Insider gleaned. Beware: spoilers within.

1. No dome can contain Junior Rennie’s mummy issues. They were always going to be the death of him.

under the dome season 4 finale

2. Never play baseball with Big Jim. He considers it a full-contact sport.

3. The military are surprisingly good at plot summations, so if you want a succinct three-season recap, who you gonna call?

4. Barbie can be purchased from all good toy stores in three models: ‘Hero Barbie’, ‘Badass Barbie’ and ‘Blissed Out Barbie’, aka ‘I’ve Been Shumwayed Barbie.’

under the dome season 4 finale

5. Romantic proposals aren’t best preceded by conversations about ‘the fish that got away.’

6. If foolishly acquiesing to a prisoner’s request for a canine cellmate, always check the mutt for contraband.

7. When there’s a death in the family, Big Jim has a mourning period of roughly five minutes, so please respect his privacy during this difficult time. Afterwards, feel free to get him drunk on Powerade.

under the dome season 4 finale

8. Don’t judge Chester’s Mill’s Amethyst Rock Festival by its stage setup. Its light show is killer.

9. Pink star-crossed lovers Joe and Norrie deserve their own spin-off. Potential titles include: ‘G.I Norrie’, ‘Joe Encounters of the Norrie Kind’ and ‘Natural Born Mill-ers.’

10. It left more questions than answers.

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