Return To Wonderland

Published: 12 December 2016

Wonderland Season 3 Episode 16 Highlights Gallery Finale Final End of Series

Turning up the summer heat, Wonderland is back on tenplay in a binge-worthy complete series boxset. Time to jump back down the rabbit hole and remember the moments that made the sun-kissed show such irresistible entertainment.

Rob serves the barista a knuckle sandwich
Maker of mochas, wearer of a highly questionable ponytail, Wonderland’s barista flat messed up when he decided to move in on Colette. When the adulterous news finally reached her hubby Rob, he decided that actions speak louder than words by giving Java Joe a piece of his mind (read: fist). This unfortunately did little to repair his tattered marriage, but it sure made us feel good. 

wonderland tenplay

Miranda and Carlos’s stolen kiss
From episode one it was plain to see who Miranda and Carlos’ perfect matches were, even if they frequently suffered temporary blindness. But for a brief moment, it looked like they might end up in each other’s arms. Thankfully their smoochy indiscretion, albeit hot, didn’t steer them away from respective soulmates Tom and Grace for very long. 

Season 3 Episode 8

Rob’s baby bombshell
Rob and Colette’s marriage was always some degree of rocky, but it was practically a sinking ship when he received an unexpected visit from former fling Jade, sporting a pronounced baby bump. Jealousy and calls for a paternity test from Colette followed, compounded by the fact that she tragically lost a baby of her own.


Sasha pounces on Steve
Tom was hardly short of red flags when it came to Sasha’s ranking on the incompatibility scale. Still, he probably didn’t expect her to put the predatory moves on drunken bestie Steve following his stag do. When the dirty secret was finally spilled, on Tom’s wedding day no less, it understandably put the kibosh on his impending nuptials. Thankfully, Miranda was there to soften the blow. 

wonderland tenplay

Tom and Miranda finally get it on
Wonderland’s star-crossed would-be lovers orbited one another for what felt like an eternity, kept apart by one romantic obstacle after another, including a car that shippers of the couple hoped would find its way off a cliff in a hurry. When Tomanda finally collided, consummating two seasons of fevered yearning to the sound of Agnes Obel’s haunting ‘Fuel to the Fire’, it was just a little bit perfect.