Why 10

Published: 31 October 2018

Ten Corporate Why 10
Ten Corporate Why 10
You're watching Ten Corporate Why 10 It's simple. At 10, our aim is to give you a high return on your investment.

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Why 10?

It’s simple. At 10, our aim is to give you a high return on your investment.


So what makes us different?

It’s the combination of many things that make us unique, and we like being different! 

• The content we create and broadcast. It’s noisy, differentiated and it gets people talking.

• Our broadcast eco-system. We’ve brought all our platforms together under a refreshed brand. We have our TV channels, 10, 10 Bold and 10 Peach, our live streaming and catch-up service, 10 Play, our news and information site, 10 Daily and our soon to be launched subscription streaming service, 10 All Access. 

• We have a brand spankin’ new sales team with extensive multi-platform sales experience who are energised and ready to go. 

• Our owner – CBS Corporation. Yep, they’re kind of a big deal. And we’ll continue to leverage their expertise, scale, and technology.

• Our advertising solutions team – they’re … well, come and talk to us to find out. They’re really creative and innovative and will put your product on the map!

So what can we tell you about our audiences? How are they different?

We are the ‘lean in’ network – our audiences switch on, they engage, and they influence.

Our audiences are younger and are ready to turn up the volume on passion, politics, sport, and humour.

They switch on, lean in, and positively engage. 

They embrace new ideas and experiences.

They influence others around them – and shape the future.

We create an active conversation between brands and viewers.

And what about our content? How is it different from others in the market?

We are more brave, more dynamic, and more open.

We have a positive personality and provide escapist entertainment.

We deliver TV but with a Twist!

So join us and be part of something everyone is talking about. 

Interested to chat?

Great, we love a chat. So let’s talk, contact us now at enquiries@networkten.com.au or bookings@networkten.com.au


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