New crime app to assist with national security

Published: 03 April 2018


A new app has been unveiled in Canberra, which will change how law enforcement agencies respond to emergency situations.

The app, developed by The Citadel Group, will allow smartphone users to upload video or audio and images of a suspicious nature, as well as send text alerts to anyone in a specific area - making the data available to emergency responders immediately.

According to its creators, the development of the app was inspired by the Lindt cafe siege in Sydney in 2014.

The app is designed to enable the public to assist with national security or security response.

Citadel’s national security spokesman Robert Hartley said that during the Lindt café siege the information available wasn’t always the most accurate or up-to-date.

Those with a smartphone who have the new app will be able to use it by hitting an emergency button which turns on location data and sends real-time data pinpointing where an incident is taking place.

However, people won’t have to download the app to use it as its capabilities could be retrofitted to an existing app that Australians already use.

The app could also potentially assist local law enforcement with criminal investigations that need a rapid response such as child abductions.

Citadel pitched the app to Federal Cyber Security Minister Angus Taylor after he announced the government had granted tech giant Microsoft clearance to host protected sets of Australian government data in its cloud services.

Microsoft’s new Azure Australia Central secure cloud region is a platform designed specifically to support the demands of government and national infrastructure.

The system used will use artificial intelligence to perform an “algorithmic analysis” which generates real-time information.

Speaking in Canberra today, Mr Taylor wouldn’t confirm whether the government would consider the proposed app but said that he wanted to bring the best technology to Australia or use the best technology we’ve got in Australia.

“Australia is under increasing cyber-security threat, and as government and critical infrastructure innovate and transform, it is imperative that we remove risk in our existing systems and use modern, secure cloud technology,” he said.