Three dead in ‘suspicious’ Brisbane house fire

Published: 17 April 2018


The bodies of two women and a man have been found after a ferocious fire gutted a home in Brisbane’s north early this morning.

At about 5.40am, neighbours on Pavonia Street in Everton Hills reported hearing yelling and an explosion before they saw the house quickly become engulfed in flames.

“We were advised that it was quite a loud explosion, quite significant, the neighbour that heard that explosion immediately contacted police,” Inspector Dan Bragg said.

The house reportedly lit up quickly with the high flames and thick smoke visible from a distance, easily leading emergency crews to the location.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the blaze swiftly, leading to the grim discovery of three bodies inside.

Insp Bragg said neighbours reported the home was occupied by a woman and her adult son, although the deceased have not yet been identified.

Neighbours were evacuated as a precaution with crews on the scene shocked that there was no damage to surrounding properties.

“It’s quite extraordinary given the extent of damage to that house, the size of those flames and smoke that was emanating from the residence,” Insp Bragg said.

Police have declared a crime scene at the residence with detectives interviewing neighbours and forensic experts expected to scour the scene for evidence to indicate the cause of the fire.

“We’re investigating it as a suspect house fire until evidence comes to light that shows us otherwise,” Insp Bragg said.