Body of park technician found in Disneyland Paris' haunted house

Published: 05 April 2016 Image credit: Youtube


Disneyland Paris employees found the body of a fellow staff member inside the parks’ Phantom Manor just before gates opened, prompting French police to launch an investigation.

The body of the 45-year-old father was found at about 10am on Saturday.

It is understood he was a technician at the park and had died from electrocution while working on a light fixture in the attraction which features ghosts and other spooking themes.

An autopsy has not yet been carried out, but all reports point to accidental electrocution.

A staff member at the park said the man had been working at Disneyland for more than a decade and was popular among staff.

Management has been “deeply saddened” by the man’s passing, a Disneyland spokesperson said.

The Phantom Manor is now closed until at least Wednesday, as investigations continue.

The incident follows another tragedy in 2010, when a Disneyland Paris employee died after being trapped under a boat while cleaning the parks’ 'It's A Small World' ride.