Cheeky schoolboy names himself Prime Minister, fools internet

Published: 13 April 2016


A 12-year-old Brisbane schoolboy briefly became Australia’s 30th Prime Minister, thanks to a sneaky Wikipedia entry.

A quick edit of the crowd-sourced online encyclopaedia, and Orley Fenelon was temporarily instilled into the Australian political history record books.

The Wikipedia site momentarily stated Orley was the youngest person to ever assume the high office.


What makes his tenure in the top job, more impressive, is that he held office six years before it was legal for him to vote.

“Prime Minister Fenelon” held office for two days before eventually being caught out.

But it was still plenty of time for Canberra Times reporter Tom McIIroy to notice and congratulate the new PM on his appointment.

“Congratulations Orley Fenelon, Australia’s 30th prime minister since the weekend,” he Tweeted alongside a link to the Wikipedia page.


Wikipedia allows any user to amend entries, though its army of volunteer editors work to weed out any factual errors.

With the user names ‘Orleyfpm’ and ‘Orleyforprimeminister2017’ the tricky youngster was able to make changes to the page to secure his prime ministership.

Both accounts have since been deleted.