Melbourne GP’s investigated over anti-vaxx stance

Published: 24 August 2017


Three Melbourne doctors are under investigation for allegedly supporting the anti-vaccination movement and helping families avoid giving their children compulsory immunisations.

The Victorian Health Department confirmed it is investigating claims three GPs were assisting families who oppose vaccinations.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said if the doctors are found guilty there would be “no sympathy at all” from the government, noting that these are isolated cases.

"I am astonished that any people who've been through medical degrees, would deign to stoop to the level of supporting the anti-vaccination movement," Mr Hunt said.

Mr Hunt then offered a dire warning to other GP's not to follow suit, claiming that those found guilty of assisting the anti-vaccination movement will have the “full force” of authorities come down on them.

It is understood one of the three doctors was referred to the federal regulator a year ago, though a spokesperson for the AHPRA and Medical Board of Australia defended the lengthy process.

The spokesperson explained that the matter had to be referred to an independent tribunal for hearing and decision.

"As part of this process, we need to make sure that our investigations are thorough, follow due process and that the evidence we present meets the evidentiary standards of the tribunal,” the spokesperson said.

"We have improved our performance on timeliness, but we must balance this with the need to do a thorough job. We will keep working on this."

News Corp reports that the probe follows the release of a video which featured a pro anti-vaccination doctor and a colleague boasting of helping 600 Melbourne families to avoid immunisations.