Sydney celebrates Winter heat wave

Published: 11 August 2017


Sydney’s bipolar approach to seasons continues today with soaring temperatures well above the August norm of 18 degrees.

The harbour city recorded 25 degrees at Observatory Hill just after midday today, as a series of dominant high pressure systems block cold fronts to the south.

The mercury will go even higher to the north, with southern Queensland and northern NSW expected to see temperatures approaching the mid-30’s next week.

The high temperatures are expected to continue in Sydney before cooling off over next weekend.

It comes after a series of weekend storms and blizzards heaped snow and high winds across much of south-east Australia last week, with Thredbo recording winds of up to 133 km/h and receiving more than a metre of snow.

But Spring is taking longer to take off in Melbourne and Perth, with the big smoke expected to retain normal winter weather next week and Perth to endure temperatures colder than the August average.

Melbourne is expected to stay between 14 and 16 degrees for the next few days, while Perth will receive a high of 16 before slipping into lows of 6 degrees overnight.

Sydney City2Surf runners will receive a sunny 21-degree day for their fun run this Sunday.