Model risk life to get the perfect Instagram shot

Published: 17 February 2017


A Russian model has cheated death after posing for a photoshoot by hanging, seemingly harness-free, from one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers.

Instagram bombshell, Victoria Odintcova, can be seen holding the hand of a male assistant while she leans back from a platform on the 307-metre tall Cayan Tower in Dubai.

She is then seen dangling from the building, holding onto the hand of the bearded male helper.

Hailing from St Petersburg, the model confessed she was nervous before performing the controversial stunt.

“I still cannot believe that I did it. Every time I watch this video, my palms get sweaty,” she said.

The death-defying stunt has raised a few eyebrows.

Firstly, you’d have to be fairly strong to be able to hold on to the single-handed grip of another person as your sole measure of staying afloat.


Secondly, the male helper is standing upright and leading over the ledge as he holds Odintcova’s hand. If gravity has anything to do with it, both would topple over board.

And lastly, her muscles don’t appear to be showing any strain.

Real or not, her social media followers aren’t’ impressed with many questioning why should would risk her life and safety.

“How could you disregard your life like that?” one social media user commented.

Another said: “If I was your parent I would smack both you and the guy with the beard!”