Taxpayers slapped with $5k Coalition ‘party’ bill

Published: 20 February 2017 Image credit: Twitter


Taxpayers have reportedly copped a $5000 bill for the Federal Government to throw a back-to-back party, hosted by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, after the Coalition’s election win.

The gatherings featured three chocolate cakes for senior ministers Julie Bishop, Josh Frydenberg and David Bushby who all share the same birthday.

In the wake of the Sussan Ley expenses scandal, the Coalition was asked to provide the cost and purpose of official events hosted by Mr Turnbull since the election, News Corp reports.

In response, the cost of a reception on July 17, 2016 (the night before the 45th parliament) for Coalition members and senators was made public.

According to News Corp, the ‘party’ was equipped with an elaborate array of food, beer and wine, as well as petite birthday cakes.

The cost of the spread, plus the charge of employing wait staff, totalled to $5104.

The Labor Party has called out its opposition, deeming the event nothing but a “piss-up”.

“This was not an official function. There were no visiting dignitaries. It was simply a post-election piss-up for Coalition MPs to celebrate Julie Bishop’s birthday — and punters paid the bill,” Labor’s Waste Watch spokesman Matt Keogh said.

“Malcolm Turnbull and his ministers are making cuts to family tax benefits while they are using taxpayer dollars to entertain themselves.

“How out of touch can you get?”

The total cost included GST.