Melbourne man rushes into burning house to save family dog

Published: 12 January 2018


A brave father has risked his own life to save his family’s beloved dog from a house fire in Parkdale, in Melbourne’s south east.

At about 1am last night, Michael was awoken by the smell of smoke and “loud bangs” coming from the ceiling, before realising the roof of his house was alight.

Michael rushed to wake his family, and while evacuating his wife and daughter he realised their pet pooch Lucy was still asleep upstairs.

The 17-year-old Maltese-cross is both deaf and blind, and arthritis means she can longer make her own way down stairs.

“While I was running around trying to call Triple 000 with the landline, which didn’t seem to work, I then realised the dog was still upstairs,” he told Ten Eyewitness News.

I raced back upstairs, and still at that stage there was no smoke and no alarms were sounding so I grabbed the dog.”

Hannah, Michael’s 24-year-old daughter, called Lucy “a part of the family”, and praised her father’s actions.

“You never leave them behind, so he did well,” she said.

“She’s very important to the family.”

Lucy has already had one close call, after she survived being hit by a car, the family said.

The fire – sparked by a faulty air conditioning unit – caused about $150,000 worth of damage, with the upstairs level copping the brunt of it. But firefighters arrived on scene with in five minutes of Michael’s emergency call, and managed to stop the blaze from spreading to neighbouring homes.