Marriage no longer ensures longer life for men

Published: 17 July 2017


Marriage, which inevitably gets bachelors of the couch and off the ‘beer and fast food’ diet used to be a ticket to increasing a man’s life expectancy. However, that is no more.

Researchers have discovered while being married once extended a man’s life span, that has now all changed, with the pace of a modern day marriage meaning it is no longer a defence against ill-health.

Two schools of thought into the reason for the change is that current economic pressures mean that married couples are spending less time together, while another is that they are now turning to social media, rather than each other for emotional support.   

The study looked at the link between marriage and health in 12,000 people born between 1955-1984, splitting them into three groups.

While the eldest group revealed that married males were healthier that their single counterparts. In the younger sections the differences in health first dissipated, before it completely disappeared altogether.

As reported in the Daily Mail, the authors of the study were published in Social Science Quarterly, concluding;

“Against a backdrop of greater demands at home and at work, and less time spent together, today’s married couples may experience marriage more as a source of conflict and stress than as a resource that safeguards their health.”