Parents blast company trying to market pole dancing to tweens

Published: 12 July 2017


A company has sparked outrage online for using preadolescent ‘tween’ girls performing risqué and inappropriate moves to advertise its backyard pole-dancing equipment.

We refuse to show the footage here, however the commercial features two young girls swinging around the dance pole and performing erotic dancing poses.

Numerous people have accused the company for exploiting minors due to the sexual connotations attached to pole-dancing.

One Facebook viewer wrote “This advertisement is feeding into paedophile culture. I mean I guess you got the reaction you wanted to create a buzz, but all I see is little girls at the strip club.”

Another upset viewer responded on Facebook saying “Nice, teaching young girls how to be strippers and sell their bodies. That is real classy.”

The company Gympole has said “we just wanted to promote juniors in pole sports as we think they are super talented,” has reported.

Viewers on Facebook have stated that due to pole-dancing originating in strip clubs it is therefore associated with sexual arousal and hence men could be getting off on it.

Parenting author and teen girl educator Danielle Miller has told that adults should not view children playing through a sexualised lens or shame them for their clothing, however said the advertisement did make her feel uncomfortable.

“The slow-mo crotch-cam type shots in the promotional video for Gympole do make me feel uncomfortable,” Miller told


Two girls featured in the Gympole advertisement. Photo: Facebook. 

Some have stood by the advertisement saying it’s helping to take away the negative associations that society currently has with pole-dancing.

Professor Catharine Lumby from Macquarie University has told that we need to encourage girls to exercise and that she did her own form of pole dancing when she was eight.

“Pre-teen girls love dancing, mucking around and showing off. They enjoy gymnastics and the big danger here is that maybe it’s the adults who are sexualising them rather than them sexualising themselves.” Professor Lumby said.

“We need to be very cautions of imposing adult ideas on young girls,” said Professor Lumby.

In Australia pole-dancing classes for 12 year olds have increased in the past few years.

PoleAthletica in Surry Hills currently offers pole-dancing classes for children aged 6-12.