Hidden camera busts office lunch thief

Published: 12 July 2016


Who knew a pork-filled chilli burrito could cause so much fuss?

We all know how heartbreaking and truly furious it can be when we’ve been looking forward to our packed lunch all morning, only to go and collect it from the office fridge and to realise it has “vanished” into thin air.

Then you spend the entire afternoon playing ‘detective’ in attempt to hunt down the thief who stole your ham and pickle sandwich.

Only thing is, it’s never usually successful.

And one victim, Noelle Mulholland, can vouch for that.

The 25-year-old account executive said the only evidence of her stolen burrito was the bag she had used to carry it in, which was left in the fridge.

“I was so angry when I opened the refrigerator and my burrito wasn’t there,” she told the New York Post.

Ms Mulholland then sent stern email to the entire company expressing her grief.

“There was a burrito I placed in the refrigerator no less than one hour ago and it is missing. Please return it, or let me know if you’ve thrown it out. Would like to eat it. This is not a joke, I am very serious and very hungry.

On the verge of hangry,” the email read.

Unfortunately, Ted (no surname offered for professional reasons), who worked at a pharmaceutical firm in New Jersey wasn’t so lucky.

In a bid to find out who had been nabbing his lunch, Ted took his detective work to the next level.

However, after setting up a hidden camera inside the company kitchen, he was fired.

According to the reports, the company wasn’t too keen on his idea.

So, how to curb a lunch thief?

Pack something “less enticing” seems to be the general trend.

According to a US survey, food theft in the office is so rife that 71 percent of employees have had a snack, drink or meal stolen from communal-office kitchens.

The survey released by online grocer Peapod, also revealed that in urban areas another 40 percent of employers confessed to having stolen food or drink.