A Sydney council bans balloons

Published: 01 June 2017


A Sydney council has banned the release of helium-filled balloons at parks and events out of fear they will simply become litter.

Speaking to News Local, Ryde Mayor Bill Pickering said he introduced the policy – approved by councillors last week - because balloons are ending up in waterways where animals could die from swallowing the plastic.

Although he urged that the move isn’t intended to stop people from having fun.

“When people are finished with balloons, don’t release them, put them in the bin as you would with any plastic or wrapper,” Cr Pickering said.

“You minimise the impact on the environment, as these often end up in drains or waterways.”

Ryde Council isn’t the first to ban the release of balloons with the Eurobodalla Shire implementing a similar policy in February this year.

But not all fellow councillors agree on the bizarre ban.

“How are you going to police that (banning balloons)? Are you going to fine kids?” Cr Roy Maggio questioned, according to News Local.

According to reports, in NSW it has been illegal since 2000 to release more than 20 helium-filled balloons at one time.