Melbourne’s latest hipster trend sparks social media storm

Published: 19 June 2017 Image credit: Facebook


Melbourne, enough.

First it was deconstructed lattes served in test tubes, then rainbow or algae coffees became a hit. 

It's reached a point where, honestly, could this city get anymore hipster?

The answer is yes, yes it can. 

And it just did. There comes a point where in the pursuit of trying to be so ‘different’ you become stupid - a line hipsters have just crossed.

But only, if they buy this.  

Confectionery store, Spoonful of Sugar, has created a social media storm after attempting to sell a single spoonful of Nutella sprinkled with a few nuts for a whopping $5.

In an image posted by city guide Melbourne Cool to Facebook, the dismal looking spoon of Nutella can be seen lying next to a sign labelled “Naughty Nutella” with a $5 price tag.


"This isn't cool. This is the biggest spoonful of s**t I've ever seen. $5… People in this city are literarily (sic) surviving on a few dollars a day and some bright spark thought this would be a good way to generate some income. Greedy bastards," one social media user wrote.

Another user wrote, "I didn't think Melbourne could get more .... Melbourne. $5 for Nutella. This is #peakextra.”

Others were quick to call a spade a spade.

“Who would actually pay that for a tablespoon of Nutella? Regardless of how beautifully it’s presented, it’s still a tablespoon of Nutella,” one woman wrote.

And it’s not just Nutella which they are selling by the spoonful at exuberant prices. Other flavours include “Blissful Banofee” and “Playful PB & J”.

A kilo of Nutella sells for about $9 at most major supermarkets.

One thing that is not yet clear, is if the cheeky store is just trying to ‘bait’ social media, after all, who can forget the fury that was sparked by the avocado latte, which proved to be a clever hoax.