Education experts declare homework to be a waste of time

Published: 01 March 2017 Image credit:


Children across the country might get to enjoy more freedom after school, because international experts have declared homework to be a waste of time.

Instead, they are urging educators to focus on improving teaching in class.

Experts told the Herald Sun that mountainous loads of homework can lead to children burning out, while students are also likely to copy each other or have their parents complete it instead.

US consultant Matt Miller told the publication that if teachers stopped giving out homework, which they then have to mark by hand, it would allow them more time to spend with students.

He is also pushing for technology to correct assignments, rather than doing it by hand.

“We put so much time and effort into assigning this stuff and collecting it and recording it and communicating it and fighting about it,” Mr Miller said.

“That time could be used so much more effectively if we basically just did away with it.”

He went on to explain that he could not imagine going to work all day and coming home to do several more hours of work, citing that it would simply lead to “burn out”.

But that’s what we’re asking our kids to do,” Mr Miller, who is to speak at the TeachTechPlay conference held at Melbourne’s Ivanhoe Grammar School next month, said.

However, this is not to say educators should do away with homework altogether.

The Herald Sun reports that recent research revealed that homework is more beneficial for older students.

Education expert John Hattie, from the University of Melbourne, said homework should never involve parental involvement and that while the benefit in primary school is “zero”, in high school the benefit “goes up considerably”.

“Most high school homework is a chance to practise what they’ve learnt that day, and they can do it by themselves, which is good,” he explained.