One Nation senator says some women find sexual harassment wonderful

Published: 21 March 2017 Image credit: Twitter


One Nation have found themselves in the headlines again, with Senator Malcolm Roberts making a gaffe straight from the stone age, saying he believes that some women find being wolf-whistled at as ‘wonderful’.

Senator Roberts has come under fire for controversial comments made during an ABC Radio National interview on Monday night.

The politician said that sexual harassment laws were ‘excessive’, and called for a reform to accommodate verbal sexual harassment.

While speaking with presenter Patricia Karvelas, he said: “Some girls think that it is wonderful, they, you know, they smile.”

“Is a wolf-whistle harassment? It depends upon the person,” he said.

He may have done the worst damage when asked by the radio host if he thought sexual harassment laws went too far in protecting women.

“When it comes to verbal (sexual harassment), as I said before, yeah (the laws go too far),” he said.

To make matters worse, Senator Roberts then went on to say he wasn’t actually familiar with the laws at all.

“I haven’t seen the sexual harassment laws, so I’d need to read them first,” he said.

Senator Roberts has received immense backlash online, receiving a tirade of abuse from offending parties.

A transcript of the interview was posted to Twitter, and that only made things worse.


Australian Greens party member Janet Rice was quick to take aim at the comments, calling Senator Roberts “another self-appointed expert on how women feel about sexual harassment.”

One women tweeted: “sometimes we smile because it doesn’t feel safe doing anything to stop the harassment. What a Neanderthal.”

A man wrote: “Malcolm Roberts says the sexual harassment laws go too far, but also admits he hasn’t seen them… the bloke is barking.”

“I’ve just worked this out. Malcolm Roberts is a troll. Every crackpot idea, or nutty stunt is just a cry for attention. Kind of sad,” another Twitter user wrote.