Study reveals feelings are mirrored by food on a dinner date

Published: 09 March 2017


If you’re a self-conscious person, dining out on a first date can be tricky.

What do I order? What will he think if I eat more than him? What will she think if I order a salad and not a steak?

Sound familiar?

Well, Scientists have revealed that women are more likely to order a salad on a first date, while men tend to show off by purchasing expensive food or beverages.

But it’s not because they’re being self-conscious of self-aware. Instead, researcher explained that being in the company of an attractive man triggers a woman’s desire to choose a healthy meal.

While the findings, published in the journal Food Quality and Preference, indicated men feel a desire to lash out (money wise) when dining with a beautiful woman.

Danish researchers from Aarhus University conducted a series of experiments which also found that it didn’t matter how attractive their date was, it didn’t alter their preferences in one type of food to another, Mail Online reports.

Meanwhile, scientists didn’t see similar results in same-sex individuals.

“This research reveals how, why, and when appearance-induced mate attraction leads to sex-specific consumption preferences for various foods and beverages,” study author Tobias Otterbring said.

“The most valued characteristics men seek in a female mate are beauty and health, whereas status and wealth are the top priorities for women.”

He also suggested fast food chains reconsider hiring good looking men as it may prompt women to opt for healthier food somewhere else.