Teacher jailed after taking explicit photos of two primary school girls on school excursion

Published: 13 March 2018


A former Adelaide primary school teacher has been sentenced to three years in prison for producing and possessing child exploitation material, some of which involved students at his school.

50-year-old Graham Levitt was today sentenced to a non-parole period of two years after being found guilty earlier this year of taking seven explicit images of two primary school girls while on a school excursion.

A court heard that Levitt targeted one of the young girls when she was asleep on the bus.

Authorities were first alerted to Levitt’s actions by the school’s IT department who caught him viewing child exploitation material on a work computer.

Police later found more than 1750 pornographic images of children and almost 800 images he had secretly taken of children playing.

A court also heard the former teacher had a particular “foot fetish”, with more than 900 images found of children’s feet.

Sentencing judge Wayne Chivell today called the crime “evil” and said it was a “gross breach of trust” with far-reaching impacts, including the victims and their families, the school community and the wider system.

"Your actions put at risk (the education system's ability to) recruit male teachers particularly in primary schools, and the confidence parents can have in those teachers," judge Chivell said.

Levitt stood silently during the hearing at times nodding his head and showed no emotion when he was told he would be going to jail.

Speaking outside court in January, Levitt declined to answer questions but said he was “really really sorry” to his young victims and their families.

During his trial in the Adelaide District Court, the family of the young victims, aged seven and eight, expressed their anger at the former teacher.

“You took my trust in you and smashed it by the click of a camera,” one victim’s mother said.

“Because of the images you took, my child has lost her innocence.”

The other victim’s mother said “you betrayed and manipulated for your own warped sense of gratification.”

Levitt will be eligible for parole in 2020.