Treasured war medals stolen from Queensland home

Published: 14 March 2018


A serving Australian soldier has had her priceless war medals stolen during a break-in at a home she was moving into in Brisbane’s north.

Olivia Clark, who served in Afghanistan in 2013, is desperately asking for the medals to be returned so she can march with them on ANZAC Day.

The medals were stolen from a property she is currently in the process of moving into on Francis Road, Bray Park in Queensland on either Tuesday night or Wednesday.

“I came over last night and found a number of boxes were missing, among them were lots of my military memorabilia, including my original medals which I got in Afghanistan in 2013,” Ms Clark said.

“I was a bit distraught…. they’re irreplaceable,” she said.

“You’ve gone overseas; you’ve earned those…. they’re no use to anyone else but me.”

Ms Clark said the boxes also contained pictures from her service, uniforms, t-shirts from her service overseas and badges.

“I can’t replace these items.”

Mc Clark left the military in 2014 and is now an apprentice electrician, and also discovered her tools were taken in the burglary.

“I can’t believe it…. I served my country when I was 20/21…. who does that,” she said.

In a statement RSL Queensland said that medals were as much a public recognition as a physical reminder of someone’s service and to have them stolen was “heartbreaking”.

The organisation said it would welcome the medals being returned to any branch or to Olivia.

The medals have ‘8576851 O L CLARK’ engraved on them.

Ms Clark is happy for the medals to be returned to a neighbour or left at her home.