Popular pill recalled after signs of suspected tampering

Published: 31 May 2017 Image credit: LifeHacker


Valium’s manufacturer Roche has issued a recall notice for all of batches of its Valium five-milligram tablets amid fears of suspected tampering.

Roche is urging consumers to return the pills, which come in a 50-tablet blister pack, to their nearest pharmacy for a full refund and alternate medication.

It is understood other batches are not affected.

According to reports the concern surrounds the notion that some of the packs may contain medications other than Valium, sparking a police investigation.

"If a patient has an affected pack, there is a risk that they will not have adequate supply of their medicine and could take the incorrect medicine, which could have serious health consequences," the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) said in a statement.

Reports suggest the TGA feared packs could contain paracetamol codeine tablets, BTC Rosuvastatin 10mg tablets and Apotex-Pantoprazole 40mg tablets.

Roche ensures Australians it doesn’t believe the problem is widespread and says customers should check all capsules in the packet are identical. Product names on the back should also match external packaging.

Authorities believe a single employee had been stealing the medicine and swapping in other medications to disguise the crime, Fairfax Media reports.

Valium is often used to treat anxiety and muscle spasms.