How to report dog attacks in SA

Published: 18 May 2017


Officially, there were 2179 dog attacks in South Australia last year.

But unofficially, it's estimated the real number is closer to 11,000.

Alan Timms' dog Canon has been attacked three times in 18 months, the last time almost killed him. 

In a bid to protect other pets, Mr Timms has launched a website to allow people to conveniently report dog attacks.

He hopes it will build a database and provide councils with the information they need to change regulations.

"The current reporting process has clearly failed," said Mr Timms.

"Decision making (on regulations) is based on one fifth of what actually happens and until we get enough evidence nothing will change."

Adelaide Dog Attack Register gives users the option to forward the report directly to their local council.

"Most dog attacks happen on weekends when people are out walking their dogs, but councils aren't even open then,"

"This way you don't have to take a day off work to go to the council to make a report."

The site's been given the tick of approval from the Dog and Cat Management Board of SA, and has already gained interest interstate.