800 young Harry Potter fanatics break world record

Published: 10 November 2017


Hundreds of students, staff and volunteers from Wembley Primary School in Perth have gathered to break a world record, in honour of one of the most popular fictional characters in the literary world.

Eight-hundred-twenty-seven wizard enthusiasts dressed in their finest robes to smash the Harry Potter World Record Challenge.

Their aim was to overtake the previous champions from the UK, who had held the record at 676 since June this year. 

Student Charlotte Raston suggested the idea, and it didn’t take long to get fellow students and staff on board. “The whole school (has been) organising this Harry Potter day. It’s been a lot of hard work but it’s lots of fun so it’s worth it,” she said.

Students were required to wear a pair of round glasses, robes and don the iconic lightning bolt scar.

“As a major assignment we were supposed to look at a Guinness World Record and pretend to plan to break it,” Miss Raston explained. 

“I decided to take it a step further and actually break it. Because that would be a great opportunity for our school, especially the year-sixes. (I thought) it would be really great to be so involved in the school in our last year.”

Teacher Ms Sheridan said, “It was a little idea and it started with Charlotte. But the school got on board, and everyone got behind Charlotte and the idea, and worked together as a team.

“We had mothers making glasses and ties – it was amazing! Lots of people really helped.”

The students plan on having a Harry Potter-themed party to celebrate their achievement.