Australian cricket team's bus attacked in India

Published: 11 October 2017 Image credit: Aaron Finch, Twitter


The Australian cricket team’s bus has been attacked on its way back from a match in Guwahati in India.

Australian opener Aaron Finch tweeted a photo after the attack, showing the smashed window on the right-hand side of the bus.

“Pretty scary having a rock thrown through the team bus window on the way back to the hotel!” he wrote.

The team were fresh from defeating India by eight wickets in the second T20 match in this series at Baspara Stadium.

The rock appeared to leave a large hole in one of the windows towards the back of the bus.

No one is believed to be injured.

The Tuesday match was the first international match to be played in Guwahati for eight years.

It comes a month after rock-throwing incident in Bangladesh, where another window was broken on the team bus.

Authorities believe local children were behind the rock throwing incident in Bangladesh.